Updated festivals for this year the blue link below.  To see where you can come, play and buy check it out. You can print off the pdf. If you can’t wait until the summer and why indeed should you?  You can e mail me for a quote.


Fab people that bought canjos.  Here is a link you can copy and paste in to your browser and use the tuning guide. Tune your 2 strings to D that is 4th string on the vid or the top string on your canjo.  And A that is the 5th string on the vid or the bottom string on your canjo.  Tuned like this your canjo is tuned to Open D.

Click the link to see where I will be this year.

2015 festivals

Festival News

A Fabulous year dipping my toe in the ever expanding lake of UK festivals.

Cfab at Cabourne Parva in May 2014

Funny as Folk at Cabourne Parva July 2014

Beautiful Days Escot Park Ottery st Mary Devon August 2014.

Looking forward to next year already.  New instruments including my Concert length Ukulele, 3 string slide guitar, Canjo and hand painted tambourines. Delighted to announce that we will be at more festivals next year and will again be running the very popular Canjo workshops.