Grey Goat Guitars

Hubcap, Tin and Cigar box Slide Guitars

How we got started

Unique instruments to suit you

From what was regarded as a”slightly weird” idea around Christmas 2012 when I saw a Cadburys biscuit tin and thought it looked a bit like a guitar body. Taking it to a music festival and getting admiring glances, (The guitar not me). I now have a business where I can share my passion for the “musically unique” with like minded enthusiasts at many different music festivals across the UK.

The majority of materials are pre-used, often being surplus to requirements in their current form. Poker sets that are no longer played with, Novelty tins from which the biscuits have long since been enjoyed and hub caps from vintage cars that are now “burning doughnuts” in their automotive Nirvana. I am creating real blues instruments for fun players and professional bands alike.

All instruments fitted with a single wound pick up, volume and tone control a hard wood neck and a range of features that add the “home made feel” with a killer sound.

Recycling old tins into the most fun you can have with an empty biscuit container that is 100% calorie free and turns you in to a rock god.